Congenital Foot Deformities

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There are numerous causes of congenital foot deformities at birth, including trauma and some medications taken while pregnant. Some conditions are even hereditary. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to take your child to a doctor as soon as possible for treatment. Prolonging it could result in problems with development. Our doctors are highly skilled in both surgical and nonsurgical treatments.

What is a Congenital Foot Deformity?

A foot deformity is a type of birth defect that causes the foot to form in an abnormal way. While it is not painful, it should be addressed to prevent mobility issues in the future.

Here are some of the most common foot deformities:

  • Clubfoot: Foot points down and in
  • Syndactyly: Joined toes
  • Calcaneovalgus: Foot points up and out
  • Metatarsus Adductus: Foot points in

Treatment for Congenital Foot Deformities

Surgery is never going to be our first choice at SOFLLEX. Before we resort to a procedure, we will attempt to fix the deformity with noninvasive methods, such as casting or stretching. If we feel that the irregularity is too severe or discover that nonsurgical treatment is not working, we will move toward surgery as an option.

We prefer to complete deformity correction surgeries before the child’s first birthday, so growth and development are not affected. Treatment will vary depending on the type of foot deformity. We will discuss your options in detail before proceeding.

Looking for Congenital Foot Deformity Treatment in Palm Beach Gardens?

If your child was born with a congenital foot deformity, SOFLLEX can help correct it. We are available to answer all of your questions, so if you have any concerns or would like to make an appointment for a consultation, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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