Calcaneal Fractures

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Did you recently fall and land on your feet? Those types of falls and car accidents are two of the most common causes of calcaneus fractures, which can be extremely painful. Depending on the severity, this injury can cause lasting effects, so to limit your discomfort, it’s important to see a doctor as soon as possible.

What are Calcaneal Fractures?

The calcaneus is commonly known as the heel bone. If the heel faces too much force from the weight of your entire body, it can be crushed, resulting in issues such as shortening, widening, or deformity of the bone.

Calcaneal fractures can have a large impact on mobility, as the pain can prevent you from being able to put much, if any, weight on your foot. If the subtalar joint is also affected by this fracture, it could result in arthritis or chronic pain.

Symptoms of Calcaneal Fractures

  • Pain
  • Unable to walk
  • Bruising
  • Swelling

Treatment for Calcaneal Fractures

Calcaneal fracture treatment can vary depending on the severity of the injury. In some cases, there might be only one simple fracture. More forceful causes could result in the bone shattering into numerous fragments.

If the bone is not displaced when you come in for an examination, we will most likely be able to treat it without surgery, meaning you’ll typically only need to wear a cast for around eight weeks. If the bone fragments are displaced, the doctor can perform surgery to realign them. Options include percutaneous screw fixation, and open reduction and internal fixation.

Percutaneous Screw Fixation

This is a minimally invasive surgery. The doctor will make a small incision to move the fragments back into place, then place screws to hold them together.

Open Reduction and Internal Fixation

This surgery is slightly more involved as the doctor creates an incision to reposition the bones before placing a variation of wires, screws, and plates to keep them in their properly aligned position.

Do You Think You Have a Calcaneal Fracture in Palm Beach Gardens?

If you have heel pain after a fall or car accident, you might have a calcaneal fracture. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for diagnosis and treatment.

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