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At SOFLLEX, we specialize in minimally invasive surgeries. One of these is ankle arthroscopy, which can be used to both diagnose and treat issues revolving around the ankle joint. If you are experiencing pain or believe you have a problem with your ankle, we are here to help with expert procedures.

What is Ankle Arthroscopy?

During an ankle arthroscopy, we will use a very thin fiber-optic camera, known as an arthroscope, to examine your ankle and detect any issues. However, it can do more than just capture images.

The doctor will also be able to make necessary repairs that can reduce pain and improve your range of motion. Since this is a minimally invasive procedure, the recovery period will be much faster.

What Can Ankle Arthroscopy Treat?

This surgery can treat a wide range of ankle issues. Some of these include:

Ankle Instability

We can tighten ligaments to prevent the feeling of an unstable ankle. This is often performed for moderate instability problems.


If the synovial tissue around the ankle joint is inflamed, our doctors can remove the tissue. This is only completed if nonsurgical treatments do not work.


Using the arthroscope, we will be able to identify scar tissue and remove it, relieving pain.

Ankle Arthritis

Ankle arthroscopy allows us to perform ankle fusion, easing pain and discomfort caused by cartilage degeneration.

What to Expect During Recovery

While you will most likely still experience some pain after your treatment, ankle arthroscopy greatly limits the discomfort you would typically feel after most surgeries. Depending on your situation, you might need to keep your leg elevated and take pain medication. The doctor will give you instructions regarding a return to putting weight on the ankle and further physical activity.

Do You Need Ankle Arthroscopy in Palm Beach Gardens?

Our goal at SOFLLEX is to decrease your recovery time so you can get back on your feet pain-free. If you have any questions about ankle arthroscopy or you’d like to make an appointment, contact our friendly team today.

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