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If you have diabetes, you are at a higher risk of needing a lower extremity amputation, such as a leg or foot. Consistent high blood sugar levels make this even more likely, as well as smoking. The thought of amputation can be scary, and it can be a hard adjustment after the procedure is over. At SOFLLEX, we do everything we can to prevent this with diabetic limb salvage.

When Would Amputation be Necessary?

Diabetes can cause peripheral artery disease (PAD), which results in the reduction of blood flow to your legs and feet and sometimes nerve damage. Without the sensation of pain, it can be challenging to notice wounds or conditions such as ulcers.

If an infection continues to spread to the bone, the issues that come as a result can no longer be repaired by surgeons, leading to the need for amputation of the feet, toes, or bottom portion of the legs.

How to Prevent Amputation

Amputations resulting from diabetes have drastically reduced to around 50% of what the numbers were 20 years ago. By following these steps, you can help reduce your risk as well.

  • Exercise and eat healthy
  • Take insulin as directed
  • Limit stress
  • Monitor blood sugar levels

It’s also important to complete regular checks of your feet for bruising, wounds, or discoloration. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, contact the doctor as soon as possible.

What is Diabetic Limb Salvage?

As an alternative to amputation, we will attempt diabetic limb salvage surgery. We will remove any dead tissue and replace damaged bone. The surgery is complex and requires a skilled team of doctors, so it’s essential to find the right ones for a successful outcome. In many cases, the limb will be saved with functionality.

Do You Need Diabetic Limb Salvage in SOFLLEX?

If you potentially need an amputation due to diabetes, contact SOFLLEX regarding a diabetic limb salvage surgery. We will do our best to save your limb while keeping your overall health at the top of our priorities.

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