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If you have a wound that needs to be closed, our doctors can use a skin flap to fill in the area, promoting a faster healing process. They are comparable to skin grafts. However, flaps still have their blood supply intact, while skin grafts are simply skin with no blood supply. At SOFLLEX, we want what’s best for our patients and will do everything possible to treat everyone with the highest quality of care.

What is a Skin Flap?

If a wound is large enough, skin and fat (and sometimes muscle) are moved to fill the gap. This is often used to treat an area of skin that is removed due to cancer. There are five types of flaps. The method used for you will be determined on an individual basis.

Advancement Flap

There is no lateral movement, and the flap only moves forward.

Rotation Flap

As the name suggests, a rotation flap rotates around a pivot before being placed in an adjacent position.

Transposition Flap

In contrast of the advancement flap, the transposition flap is moved laterally from the pivot point.

Interpolation Flap

While the interpolation flap rotates around the pivot point like a rotation flap, it is placed over a nearby location rather than immediately adjacent.

Free Flap

Free flaps involve soft tissue being completely removed from another part of the body. When it’s transplanted, surgery is required to reconnect blood vessels.

Benefits of Skin Flaps

  • Faster healing process
  • Wound protection
  • Better appearance once healed

Looking for a Palm Beach Gardens Doctor Who Uses Skin Flaps?

For faster healing and a cosmetically pleasing appearance, skin flaps might be the right choice for you. Contact the helpful team at SOFLLEX today if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment.

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