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If you tend to feel pain coming from your shins whenever you run, there’s a chance you might have shin splints, which is often referred to in the medical field as medial tibial stress syndrome. When you turn to the professional podiatrists at SOFLLEX, we can assure you that we’ll do everything we can to ease your pain and give you a chance at a speedy recovery.

What are Shin Splints?

After continuous, stressful use, shin splints occur when the bones in the lower leg and connective tissues become inflamed. Some contributing factors of shin splints include:

  • Flat feet
  • Weak ankles or hips
  • Shoes that aren’t providing adequate support
  • Workouts without stretching

Even if none of those contributing factors apply to you, shin splints are still possible. So, if you experience any symptoms, it’s important to come in for a diagnosis.

Symptoms of Shin Splints

  • Dull ache or sharp pain
  • Pain that worsens as you continue to complete activities
  • Mild swelling
  • Tenderness along the inside of the affected leg

If you have severe pain, it continues when you’re resting, or your shin feels hot, it’s very important to see a doctor.

Treatment for Shin Splints

In most cases, the best thing to do if you have shin splints is to rest. Try to stay off your feet as much as possible and apply ice to your shins four times per day for about 15 minutes.

If the splints were likely caused by flat feet, we recommend getting orthotics to reduce stress. Over-the-counter pain relievers can also assist with decreasing pain and swelling.

Do You Have Shin Splints in Palm Beach Gardens?

Shin splints can be especially annoying and painful to deal with if you live an active lifestyle, which is why you should see an expert podiatrist if you notice the symptoms. At SOFLLEX, we aim to promote better healing through proper self-care instructions and minimally invasive procedures. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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